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November 26, 2008

This was just over a year ago now.

Plenty rough.

It was all just an idea and didn’t have a name.

(And AmyD was still platinum blond.)

we think

March 13, 2008

from charles leadbeater.

advertising is dead, yes

February 19, 2008

but this is good.

by way of the b&a blog.

catchy tune

February 4, 2008

chatty fruit

January 10, 2008

burn k-doe burn

January 4, 2008

just in from wwoz.

ernie k-doe’s 1970 classic ‘here come the girls’ has apparently caught fire in the uk after being featured in a boots commercial over the holidays.

don’t know much about cosmetics, but i know nola music and i know nola characters. and you don’t claim to be the ’emperor of the universe’ for nothing.

cheeseburger, fry, coke & a dvd

November 13, 2007

first, a couple weeks ago, killing time in the dallas/ft worth aiport, i stumbled upon an ipod vending machine, which, maybe these are all over the place, but it was the first one i’d seen; then, somewhere outside indianapolis this past weekend, in a fix, we stopped in a mcdonald’s and there was this “redbox” dvd kiosk thing, which i’d certainly never seen before, and five people waiting in line to use it. $1 per dvd, per night, plus tax, no late fees. 30 or so selections to choose from, maybe more.

the new value meal?


the diy capital of the world

November 2, 2007

there’s a number of separate yet interrelated microtrends in columbus right now, which is part of the reason it’s such an exciting time to live here — both the potential and possibilities are limitless. and they’re all about to intersect.

and it’s all pretty much fueled by two things:

(1) the do-it-yourself aesthetic: frustration with, and rejection of, the status quo, followed by the realization that if nobody else can get it right, i’m just going to do it myself, better. and then doing it.

(2) technology: it’s democratized the dissemination of pretty much everything.

what better illustration of this than the indie art capital of the world campaign, which is spreading like a california wildfire (not to make light, but it’s the most apt analogy).

city sucks at marketing itself?  fine.  we’ll just do it ourselves then.

people say

October 29, 2007


(the meters with stevie wonder on drums, new orleans jazz & heritage festival, 1973)

writer/professor/dj/cultural-critic-at-large (not necessarily in that order) oliver wang had a great post on soul sides last week about “cissy strut” and the seemingly inexhaustible supply of covers out there.

thinking back, “cissy strut” was certainly the first meters tune i was exposed to, if for no other reason it was the first track on the indispensable funkify your life: the meters anthology 2-disc set a college roommate had who at that point was waaaay cooler than me (one look at that cover and you just knew those guys were good).


so good, in fact, that it didn’t seem unreasonable for us to move to new orleans based on the fact that it was where they were from. seemed unreasonable not to, more like. then again, music’s always been a source of inspiration for me, so maybe that’s neither very odd nor unreasonable.

and, because i’m human and self-involved and often tend to make the assumption that everybody else around me operates the same way i do, it was a curious suprise when i met daniel from skreened last week and found out that he sits in his office pretty much all day not listening to music. go figure. he’s democratizing the t-shirt business with sweat-shop-free labor, though — plus he’s got interns blogging for him, which, frankly, makes me jealous; i just don’t know if we’ll ever be able to co-work together.

read more about co-working here.

listen to more meters covers here.

watch the meters with professor longhair here:

lower 9th

October 23, 2007

been back to new orleans twice for brief trips since katrina (my wife, three) and though we made it as far as vaughan’s in the upper 9th, we never got beyond. last month, bob belden did, and he brought his video camera. take a look at how the lower 9th ward stands today.

short ties

October 9, 2007

it’s tuesday, which means i’ve got a standing lunch date with my mom. if you don’t see us at hunan house, q2 bistro, or yuen’s, you’re not looking hard enough, friend.

today we’re at hunan house and we’re talking work.

“we’ve been selected as one of columbus’ ‘best places to work’ by business first,” i say, in between bites of kung pao, “but we’ve got a long way to go.” i cite young isaac as a local agency (albeit in a different industry) that i admire for its ethics, for making it unmistakable that its work’s about much more than just business, also for recently going ‘green.’ it’s a model worth aspiring to, i think.

“does anybody know what we stand for?”

artie isaac has had tremendous influence upon my work at jda. from his list of promises, to his consistently interesting blog, to this classic advert, to this recent post on the perfect client — great clients do inspire great service!

and i bet he never looks less than resplendent in that bow tie.

but we’ve never met.

five minutes after this conversation, i glance around the room. who’s sitting three tables away, having lunch? artie isaac. at least i think it’s artie; his back’s mostly to me, so it’s hard to tell. but his hair looks right, he’s got frames on. but i can’t… quite… see… that sartorial signature….

so i excuse myself from our table and fake like i’m getting a mint. it’s artie — unmistakably so. i say hello and introduce myself, begging his pardon for the intrusion. great guy, fun to talk to, equally impressive in person as in print. ready to talk s’more tomorrow.