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More, faster

April 14, 2009

Do you know what I do?

(If not, check over here.)

I just found out yesterday I’m taking a pay cut.  About 7%.  Because while what I’m doing is ‘wonderful,’ etc, it’s not producing enough business, fast enough.

You know — that old tension between short-term goals and strategic, long-term growth.

Can’t say it’s too much of a surprise as I’ve been focusing on building relationships rather than pursuing sales for some time now.

(To be fair, this is a shop within a shop I’ve created and to say I’m in it for different reasons would be an understatement.)

(Plus times are tough.)

(Also note how I’m not complaining.)

Still, it caught me off guard a little.

In my experience, you don’t build partnerships with sales pitches, is all.  Nor with advertising.

Could just me be, but I don’t think so.

But so here’s where it gets interesting: the amount of the reduction in pay — X — I’m being given the opportunity to use it for quote ‘advertising’ (since my entire budget got the axe last year, which is why you see these all over town, but there was never a next step) to try and increase sales.

I don’t think advertising or old marketing (whatever you want to call it) is the answer.  Rather, I think it has more to do with love being a circular transaction.

(And that the best marketing is often good operations — i.e. doing something worth talking about.)

Operations-wise, everything I do and how I do it — from being mobile and open, to creating e-policies for people since insurance companies won’t — is to help people do what they do, better.

I need a way for more of the right people to find out about what I do.  To let them know I want to work with them.  Without doing to them what I wouldn’t want done to me.

(Or, tell me what you need and I’ll create the service.)

‘More, faster.’

So what do I do with this money then?

Want to go lunch?

[Update: What Spike says.]



February 13, 2008


it’s like i’ve forgotten how to write.

either that, or i’ve been reading too much.

or, i’m just uninspired.

but i’ll be back.  soon.