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May 15, 2009

Clients at Agora this weekend:

Wild Goose
Igloo Press
Wholly Craft
Adam Brouillette
Jen Adrion
Mike Litzau
Dan Wilburn
Rad Dog
Lucky Ladle
Available Light

See you there.



October 23, 2008

Live in Columbus?  Like good things?

Hopefully you’ve heard about HighBall then.

If not, here’s the deal:

Next Friday — October 31st, Halloween — from 6:00pm to midnight, High Street is going to be blocked off/closed to traffic from Buttles to Hubbard, in the Short North.

And we’re throwing a masquerade…

Think: Carnivale

Think: Mardi Gras

Think: Halloween

Think: Short North

As Funkadelic put it: free your mind… and your ass will follow.

Admission is FREE (booze is not).

On the north end, you’ll have live music: The Floorwalkers from 6:00 to 7:30; Flypaper (with Anna and the Androids) from 8:00 to 9:30; and Buzzcrush from 10:00 to 12:00.

On the south end, you’ll have DJs Moxy and Sonya, spinning from 6:00 to 9:00 and 9:00 to 12:00, respectively.

Plus a — get this — ginormous T-shaped runway in the middle of High Street (the top of the T backs up to Dr. Mojoe, if you’re trying to picture this; the stem is like 30 ft) for the Costume Couture Fashion Show.

(Now.  Before you even begin to rehash the 35 pages of debate on CU about what exactly ‘fashion’ is and what does Columbus have to do with it anyway, let us acknowledge that it (‘fashion’) is indeed subjective and amorphous and, to most of us, fleeting, but that it does have something to do with, I think, ‘freedom of expression through your wardrobe,’ plus ‘being creative within certain bounds’ and ‘intentionality’ — yes.)

That being said, we’ve got a veritable gaggle of talented designers in Columbus and we’re going to be featuring couture costume designs — plus three or four ready-to-wear looks a piece — from eleven of them right here.

On the catwalk.

Sexy folk like Kelli Martin.  And Terri Stevens.  (Don’t think I even need to mention the show anymore so I won’t.)  And Akira Burgess. And Esther Myong Chung.  To name a few…

And a certain super drag queen — 2008 National Entertainer of the Year, no less — emceeing?

That’s at 8:30.

Plus then costume contests from 9:30 to 12:00 with, I’m led to believe, a couple thousand dollars at stake.

All while legally drinking booze on the street!

Obviously there’s A LOT going on.  Probably I’m forgetting all sorts of stuff (like Dogtober Howloween).  So be sure and check out or the Facebook page or the official Short North blog for the full story.

Any questions?

Here’s your map:

See you then.

[Updated 10/28: street closure is at 6:30pm, not 6:00, though The Floorwalkers do start at 6:00 in the Haiku parking lot.]

whatever your version of a planner is, get it out

June 16, 2008

two events coming up in the not-too-distant future we’re happy to be a part of:

on july 5th, from 2pm until midnight, is the 3rd annual here comes your weekend parking lot blowout at, you guessed it, the surly girl parking lot (next to goody boy).

this is the annual fundraiser for the columbus music co-op and helps fund some important initiatives i wish i would’ve thought of myself, like the columbus musician’s assistance program (cmap).

admission is, well, there is no admission — it’s FREE.

plenty of food and beer available to purchase; last time i checked there were ten bands (and counting) on the schedule…

100% volunteer run. and a certifiable blast.

stay tuned for more…

then, further on down the road a bit, september 12-14, you’ve got scoot-a-que 11.

(see the process behind this year’s design here.)

don’t be fooled by the website — the agenda isn’t up and registration isn’t open (yet).

if you have a scoot, this is a can’t-miss. and, even if you don’t, it’s fun watching everybody take off on saturday from the north market.

plus — not coincidentally — that saturday also doubles as the columbus microbrew festival at the market, too.

good times, people.

saturday night style

May 29, 2008

this muxtape from sasha frere-jones is kinda hot — especially the stones remix and the grace jones track.

i’d be surprised if it weren’t.

[note: great piece on usher from sasha in this week’s new yorker.]

catchy tune

February 4, 2008


January 24, 2008

music. dance. clock.

kinda like momo². except minus the karaoke bowling.


January 2, 2008

two beautiful ones from dj earworm.

l’eau de rose – louis armstrong & j’ai dormi sous l’eau

brazilian diamonds – paul simon & django reinhardt

long players

December 18, 2007


discarded the crates and loaded up the sideboard, got out the decks (most of our christmas music’s on vinyl).

and reacquainted ourselves with some treasures from yesteryear.

picked this one up a couple years back. issued on galt’s kilmarnock label in ’69 — never seen the film — but it’s simply too good not to share, i think. even if but for a limited time.

give it a listen.

“moving clothes”

“radio rock”


business. highly unusual.

December 16, 2007

you live in columbus. you’re a crafter. an artist. a designer. you run a creative small business. maybe you’ve got a blog. you’re passionate. you shop local. you create original things from scratch that didn’t before exist; or, you combine old ideas in never-tried-before ways to create something new. status quo? rejected it. at some point you took a look around and said: if nobody else can get it right, i’m just going to do it myself. you embrace failure. you’re independent. you prefer interestingness to not. you ‘get it.’ you’re creatively-engaged. you’re a participant. you’re shaping the future. you want to do well by doing good. you want to give something back. are you brilliant? we think so.

people say

October 29, 2007


(the meters with stevie wonder on drums, new orleans jazz & heritage festival, 1973)

writer/professor/dj/cultural-critic-at-large (not necessarily in that order) oliver wang had a great post on soul sides last week about “cissy strut” and the seemingly inexhaustible supply of covers out there.

thinking back, “cissy strut” was certainly the first meters tune i was exposed to, if for no other reason it was the first track on the indispensable funkify your life: the meters anthology 2-disc set a college roommate had who at that point was waaaay cooler than me (one look at that cover and you just knew those guys were good).


so good, in fact, that it didn’t seem unreasonable for us to move to new orleans based on the fact that it was where they were from. seemed unreasonable not to, more like. then again, music’s always been a source of inspiration for me, so maybe that’s neither very odd nor unreasonable.

and, because i’m human and self-involved and often tend to make the assumption that everybody else around me operates the same way i do, it was a curious suprise when i met daniel from skreened last week and found out that he sits in his office pretty much all day not listening to music. go figure. he’s democratizing the t-shirt business with sweat-shop-free labor, though — plus he’s got interns blogging for him, which, frankly, makes me jealous; i just don’t know if we’ll ever be able to co-work together.

read more about co-working here.

listen to more meters covers here.

watch the meters with professor longhair here:

my take on the general state of affairs

October 23, 2007

summarized by ann peebles.

bacon fat

October 22, 2007

i’m at work now, listening to a stream of this. before i left for work, at home this morning, mixing together my yogurt, granola & berries, i was listening to this:

“hard hustling” by andre williams

7″. b/w “soul party a-go go.” avin. 1967.

[ed. note: left click to listen, right (or control) click, “save link as…” to download]

as far as getting UP on a monday morning, it’s probably the next best thing to having one of these.



October 8, 2007


agora iii at junctionview, from couchfire. this event’s nearly upon us, so rather than try and unpack all the good stuff that’s going to be happening, i’m just going to reproduce some copy from the press release, recap the time and place, plus include a handy map borrowed from junctionview — the rest is up to you.


  • “agora is an immersive event that brings artists and art patrons together to celebrate central ohio’s diverse and talented creative community. agora guests have the opportunity to view and purchase hundreds of works of art, wander through fifty working artists’ studios, experience performance acts, enjoy a variety of musical guests, and participate in seasonal activities. the event is designed to be enjoyable for guests of all ages. everyone is invited to be a part of the experience.”


  • preview night: this friday, october 12th, 6 – 9 pm, ticketed admission: $20.
  • public opening: this saturday, october 13th, 5 pm – 12 am, suggested contribution: $2.


  • 889 williams ave, columbus, oh, 43212