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October 23, 2008

Live in Columbus?  Like good things?

Hopefully you’ve heard about HighBall then.

If not, here’s the deal:

Next Friday — October 31st, Halloween — from 6:00pm to midnight, High Street is going to be blocked off/closed to traffic from Buttles to Hubbard, in the Short North.

And we’re throwing a masquerade…

Think: Carnivale

Think: Mardi Gras

Think: Halloween

Think: Short North

As Funkadelic put it: free your mind… and your ass will follow.

Admission is FREE (booze is not).

On the north end, you’ll have live music: The Floorwalkers from 6:00 to 7:30; Flypaper (with Anna and the Androids) from 8:00 to 9:30; and Buzzcrush from 10:00 to 12:00.

On the south end, you’ll have DJs Moxy and Sonya, spinning from 6:00 to 9:00 and 9:00 to 12:00, respectively.

Plus a — get this — ginormous T-shaped runway in the middle of High Street (the top of the T backs up to Dr. Mojoe, if you’re trying to picture this; the stem is like 30 ft) for the Costume Couture Fashion Show.

(Now.  Before you even begin to rehash the 35 pages of debate on CU about what exactly ‘fashion’ is and what does Columbus have to do with it anyway, let us acknowledge that it (‘fashion’) is indeed subjective and amorphous and, to most of us, fleeting, but that it does have something to do with, I think, ‘freedom of expression through your wardrobe,’ plus ‘being creative within certain bounds’ and ‘intentionality’ — yes.)

That being said, we’ve got a veritable gaggle of talented designers in Columbus and we’re going to be featuring couture costume designs — plus three or four ready-to-wear looks a piece — from eleven of them right here.

On the catwalk.

Sexy folk like Kelli Martin.  And Terri Stevens.  (Don’t think I even need to mention the show anymore so I won’t.)  And Akira Burgess. And Esther Myong Chung.  To name a few…

And a certain super drag queen — 2008 National Entertainer of the Year, no less — emceeing?

That’s at 8:30.

Plus then costume contests from 9:30 to 12:00 with, I’m led to believe, a couple thousand dollars at stake.

All while legally drinking booze on the street!

Obviously there’s A LOT going on.  Probably I’m forgetting all sorts of stuff (like Dogtober Howloween).  So be sure and check out or the Facebook page or the official Short North blog for the full story.

Any questions?

Here’s your map:

See you then.

[Updated 10/28: street closure is at 6:30pm, not 6:00, though The Floorwalkers do start at 6:00 in the Haiku parking lot.]


July 11, 2008

there’s something pleasing about this.

i’ve never worked with idea sandbox.

i’m not a client; i haven’t paid them any money.

yet, on a monthly basis, they’re willing to send me ideas about how to think and work more creatively.

in addition to the assorted cocktail napkin wisdom they already share on their blog.

on top of that, when i chose to opt-in, they sent a personal message of thanks and expressed interest in brilliant.

they’re professional marketers, i’m not.

they help me by sharing tips and tricks for free.

simple, right?

i know a lot of other people do it, too.

but they don’t send membership cards.

[update 8/11: i love when people get it to the point of being able to articulate our strategy better than i ever could.]

love is a circular transaction

June 26, 2008

(thought and well-turned phrase courtesy of brains on fire.)

doing my best not to sound like a blathering fan boy with a crush… but we got a little love from advertising’s red-stilettoed superhero, advergirl, today.

“fantastic execution.”

it’s GREAT to hear feedback like that — especially when you’re navigating with little else besides your gut.

amyd seems to feel the same way

i think it works because:

(a) we’re genuinely passionate about it;

(b) it helps us connect with people over something BIGGER than ourselves (jeez, guess that’s a brains on fire thought, too);

(c) it fuels collaborative partnerships; and

(d) it shows people there’s another way.

that you can be a not-only-for-profit.  and do well by doing good.

which is how i got the idea for brilliant in the first place: working with inspiring clients who have larger purposes at the heart of their organizations other than just profit.

all of which is roughly the equivalent of our five-step recipe for how to change the world.

so, thanks advergirl and amyd.

we you both.

[note: an old thought, had many times before by countless other people, but the real story here is how marvelous technology is. how it’s levelled the playing field. and enabled someone like me, here, to have access to some of the brightest minds in whatever biz, wherever they are. to listen and learn. to converse. and their willingness to share, rather than hoard. all part of the aforesaid circular transaction. isn’t it great?]


June 2, 2008

new day, new clients collaborative partnership…

met the folks from original columbus last week.

they’ve taken over the old tigertree spot at 17 e brickel — next to the art exchange and catty corner to tasi.

good peoples.

they’ve signed on to build and develop — and they’re doing it pro bono.

why? because they believe. and rock. literally (ryan stolte-sawa is a member of flotation walls).

if ANYBODY — individual, business, non-profit, whatever — wants to work collaboratively on a community project for the common good, get in touch.

if you’ve been seeing these stickers around town (or received one) and are wondering what they’re about, get in touch.

if you want to help pass them out to your favorite neighborhood businesses (or just slap one on your scoot), get in touch.

if you have a scoot and want to ride with me, get in touch.

if you work at a media outlet like alive or cd101, and want to donate some ad space/time, get in touch.

if you work at a creative agency and want to lend some expertise…

nobody owns it. everybody can use it. anybody can improve it (thanks doc).

meeting with folks from the columbus music co-op and local matters later this week.

anybody else want to pitch in?

hop out of bed with a smile

May 28, 2008

via my wall from that young isaac retrospective last year.


high parody

May 22, 2008

made out like a bandit with the coveted “i’m daniel fox and i’m a hack” shirt for a fraction of the original $965.99 retail price at skreened’s $1-screwed-up-t-shirt-day sale the other day.

what a steal.

they call me slim

May 21, 2008

ok. things are ready to start happening finally.

if you look over here, you’ll see i’ve got a new online hub of sorts.

poke around a bit, and you’ll see that the site for brilliant is up!

thanks to adam and jen at i love treefort for that (their business and personal websites have just been updated recently, too, take a look).

they also threw a site up over here to help the victims of the hit-and-run last week at haiku. there’s a meeting tonight at 6:00 at junctionview for anybody interested in helping pull resources together for that cause.

brilliant is based on two ideas:

(1) work only with clients we believe in

(2) do something worth talking about

take a quick spin around the site. i think we’ve only got, like, eight of the client profiles up for now, but we’ll be doing the rest soon. and hopefully adding a bunch more.

if we already work together and you know somebody who you think might fit the bill, get us in touch.

if you’re reading this and we haven’t met yet, we should.

and, as far as the do-something-worth-talking-about-part, if you follow me on twitter, you’ll see that i’m going to be riding around town (bike or scooter, haven’t decided) today, passing out 1,000 Buy Local stickers to businesses city-wide (or, as far as i can pedal/the vespa breaks down) as the first ingredient of a collaborative campaign.

so if you want to get in touch today, call my cell or send an email. i’ve got my handheld thingy.


May 20, 2008

icitizen is going on right now across town at the blackwell.

the event’s invitation-only — sooooo jealous — but there’s a live blog, plus a whole lot of people twittering:


david griner

holly davis

joseph jaffe

doc searls

lara kretler

official icitizen tweet

molly metzger

or just use the trusty tweetscan.

local (small) business blogs

May 20, 2008

not a comprehensive list, by any means. just a few i’ve seen lately. it’s always interesting to see how people use the platform.

bakery gingham

paradise garage

pattycake vegan bakery

sole classics


b1 bicycles



clintonville outfitters


luck bros.

lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies

April 28, 2008

you can’t be the “ultimate drink stop” if you don’t sell booze. quit trying to convince us you are.

advertising is dead, yes

February 19, 2008

but this is good.

by way of the b&a blog.


January 21, 2008

back when i just got out of school after four and a half years with a creative writing degree (a choice fueled by the notion that i didn’t think i could ever handle a proper ‘desk’ job (i know now what i really meant was ‘corporate’ job)) — i read infinite jest for the first time and it totally ripped to shreds my conception of what i thought writing had to be.

either it’d been a failure of my own imagination or a failure of the university faculty — both, probably — and i couldn’t figure out why the book hadn’t been required reading. this was waaaaay different than everything that’d been drilled into me for the past couple years. broke all the rules. it was great. (probably had something to do with the notion that you really should know all the rules before you go about breaking them.)

book changed my life. and i’ve been reading it at a pace of about once every other year since. tracking down every single piece david foster wallace has published in the meantime.

lately i’m having the same experience. only now it’s about business. and life. and meaning. throw everything out the window i used to think about business, because it doesn’t have to suck. you don’t have to surrender your soul. it doesn’t have to be bureaucratic. the old rules no longer have to apply. in fact, turns out the quicker you disregard them, the better off you are. how’s that for irony?

so take a guy like me who shirks convention and then put me in a traditional industry. but then also have the balls to let go and trust yourself to trust me — relinquish control — and see what happens. yes, everybody’s going left and we’re going right. and that’s bound to make you nervous. and it should. but don’t you also feel a little twinge of excitement? like maybe something’s happening here. like maybe this thing’s not going to quite fit in with the rest and that’s a damned good thing. like maybe we can choose exactly who we want to work with and we can it all by just being ourselves. and everyone else can go…well. that, even though on the surface it may look like this is about insurance, in the end, what it’s really about is what we’ve been interested in all along: remarkable people.

why can’t an insurance agency be remarkable, too?

one of my friends who doesn’t live around here read that last post about passion and said this:

It is clear you have no regard for the cynics; nor should you. Well done.

true, i suppose. never thought of it that way.

i’m building brilliant myself from inside a traditional agency — innovating from within — and the other day somebody here basically told me you can’t do anything remarkable with insurance — nobody’s going to care; it’s insurance. yeah? now, that’s cynicism, yes, but also limited thought. this was somebody who i used to think ‘got it.’ i said f@#% you. watch.

too nice to recycle

January 13, 2008


prepared, bottled, and designed by element.

consumed by me.

burn k-doe burn

January 4, 2008

just in from wwoz.

ernie k-doe’s 1970 classic ‘here come the girls’ has apparently caught fire in the uk after being featured in a boots commercial over the holidays.

don’t know much about cosmetics, but i know nola music and i know nola characters. and you don’t claim to be the ’emperor of the universe’ for nothing.


January 4, 2008

one thing i’ve always strove for is complete transparency. all the cards out on the table. leveling the playing field. clients making informed decisions. no surprises.

another thing that’s been clear from the get is part of what sets me — now us — apart is the company we keep. i’ve always worked with a certain type of client. why? great clients inspire great service. not exactly a secret, i don’t think.

now, when i go back and read the prescient copy on the scoot-a-que 10 gift card i have to chuckle.


and because treefort are conceptual thinkers and ‘get’ me plus all this, they say how about white-on-white — something transparent, almost — that’ll recede into the background on the website and make full-color pics of clients real prominent right in front. because this is about them, right, not you?


keep the period or no?