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May 12, 2008

heard a juicy rumor over brunch on sunday at the uptown market that northstar‘s working on a third location over in dublin near the shops at river ridge

speaking of westerville, anybody else been to java central yet? there’s outdoor seating, comfy sofas and chairs inside, an amyd boutique. plus the espresso’s excellent.

all of a sudden there’s a couple really good reasons to head north.

rules to live by

January 9, 2008


passion from tim at royal.

best lattes in town

November 15, 2007

been to luck bros. yet? over in grandview, off 1st? (between bag of nails and marshall’s.) best lattes in town, no joke.

(a bold assertion—yes—but certainly not one made lightly.)

of course, taste is subjective, so i’m sure there’ll be some quibbling. and quite rightly! fine espresso stirs passion.

tell you what: print off the buy-1-get-1-free coupon below, grab a friend, go see for yourself, then report back.

p.s. they’re right up the street from junctionview, so if you’re going to tiny canary this weekend, why not stop by?