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Pack it up

November 9, 2009

Moved the blog over to

Nothing new up there yet, but there will be soon….

(Here’s the feed:

Note: If you read this blog and we never met, want to?

See ya around,



start habituating

January 3, 2008

i don’t know about you, but i like plaid. great pattern — especially on some slim trousers. not for everybody though. i also like brand flakes for breakfast. so when they suggested two new habits for 2008, i decided to start them.

the first hour of every day is now much much more productive, thanks to google reader. and i just signed up for twitter plus some friends did, too. excited about the possibilities (though i think the fact that wordpress doesn’t support a proper twitter widget blows; no timestamp?!). we’ll see.

and to top it all off, me and the wife are starting each weekday morning at the so-called judgement free zone.

clearly going to be a good year.


December 31, 2007

rather than an end-of-the-year wrap-up, here are a couple posts from the old blog:

here’s where we got to know elizabeth lessner a little bit better.

here’s part i and part ii of the thing on royal coffee.

and because we fancy staying humble, here’s an earnest piece in which we tried a bit too hard. reminds me of college.

making it better

December 28, 2007

back in november, in his keynote speech at the 2007 futuretrends conference in miami, fl, piers fawkes issued the following challenge:

if there is an economic reason to change the world…

…as a trends analyst, researcher, innovation director or concerned party, it’s your job, should you choose to accept it, to create that change.

your job is to inspire your companies. inspire them:

  • to lead
  • to be good
  • to make things better

right about that same time, 1200 miles away, here in columbus, i was issuing a similar challenge to our agency principal at jda, except with a singularly immodest proposal attached: give me the resources, backing, and budget, and let me create a new agency — from the ground up, on my terms — so we can lead and help shape the future.

he said ‘yes.’

that night, i unpacked the still-germinating idea into a clumsy powerpoint and uploaded it:

jump cut a month-and-a-half forward, and we’re getting ready to meet piers’ challenge with brilliant.

this is about columbus.

this is about passion for the potential for the future.

and, if you’re engaged locally in the commercial application of creativity — a cultural entrepreneur — this is about you.

stay tuned.

business. highly unusual.

December 16, 2007

you live in columbus. you’re a crafter. an artist. a designer. you run a creative small business. maybe you’ve got a blog. you’re passionate. you shop local. you create original things from scratch that didn’t before exist; or, you combine old ideas in never-tried-before ways to create something new. status quo? rejected it. at some point you took a look around and said: if nobody else can get it right, i’m just going to do it myself. you embrace failure. you’re independent. you prefer interestingness to not. you ‘get it.’ you’re creatively-engaged. you’re a participant. you’re shaping the future. you want to do well by doing good. you want to give something back. are you brilliant? we think so.


November 9, 2007

i think advergirl might be my favorite blog right now. the updates come in semi-sporadic bursts rather than regularly, but the content’s consistently interesting and insightful. she’s a great writer, plus she’s a columbus girl, too. what more do you need?