[insert your own caption]


Funniest caption gets a $5 gift card to a Lessner joint.

[Note: Ends 1/27.]


20 Responses to “[insert your own caption]”

  1. Jacob Gilmore Says:

    Facts of Life Stunt Doubles

  2. Oskar Kennedy Says:

    Why are these women smiling? They’ll be splitting a $2 million sexual harassment settlement from John W. Dawson.

  3. Emily Says:

    John W. Dawson Insurance: Where the bangs grow wild and free.

  4. bayinghound Says:

    Need protection from flat hair? These women trust John W. Dawson Insurance.

  5. Holly Says:

    John W. Dawson Insurance. We’ll protect you like it’s 1989.

  6. Mike Gray Says:

    I know which one used to be John, do you?

  7. Jeff Johnson Says:

    When a class-action suit against the ozone just isn’t enough – John W. Dawson

  8. Charly Bauer Says:

    Life Comes at You Fast

  9. df Says:

    Promo shoot for the first pitch of Big Love

  10. amy Says:

    these are frickin awesome- I don’t wanna play just applaud the funny folks that frequent SG~

  11. Charly Bauer Says:

    So Easy, Even a Caveman can do it.

  12. df Says:

    The women, pictured here, will be prosecuted on separate charges of conspiracy to smuggle terrorists into the United States. In their hair.

  13. df Says:

    Northland Mall – The ONLY place we shop (R)

  14. Mike Gray Says:

    We use more hair products than all of our competitors combined. Killing the environment, one perm at a time.

  15. df Says:

    Tomorrow on DR PHIL – interoffice SEXTING can get you fired.

  16. Mike Gray Says:

    Mr. Dawson believes in diversity, well, except for hair, oh and you must wear sweaters, but yeah, other than diversity rules!

  17. KnightDiver Says:

    It’s an all new season of Permzilla and this time the hair fights back!

  18. Mike Gray Says:

    The final 5 cylons are revealed.

  19. Joe Says:

    “Hello Mr. Cosby…Why yes! Yes we ABSOLUTELY can insure your sweater collection.”

  20. Dan Wilburn Says:

    The only insurance you’ll ever need…to crimp.

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