Columbus Tweetup, Jan. 10th: Get Some Culture



Do What You Want To Do.  Go Ahead.

When: January 10th — that’s a Saturday — 5:00ish*

*If you want to try and eat (together), a 5:00 arrival is recommended; otherwise, we’ll probably have to split up during the dinner rush and then convene at the bar. If you’re just coming for cocktails, we’ll be there from 5:00ish until 7:30ish.

Where: Tip Top –> Riffe Center (Studio Two).

What: Food and drinks, then hoofing it a couple blocks to catch Available Light‘s new show The Internationalist (starts at 8:00).

How much it’ll cost: At Tip Top, you can order anything you want and pay full price for it.  Happily.  For The Internationalist — and EVERY Available Light show — you can pay what you want.

(Note: tickets are cash only at the door.)

Why: Because it’s good for you.

Brought to you by @Jim1Coe and @slimgoodies.

Please RSVP in the comments so we can keep Tip Top in the loop.

Here’s a map.

Any questions?  Good.  See you then.

*Subject to change.  (Might have to be 5:00ish.)

[Update, 12/31: Is Available Light Theatre for you?]

[Note: Since this is about culture and community, not tools, it’s worth mentioning that being on twitter isn’t a prerequisite for joining us, and neither is blogging or being on facebook, etc.  OK?]

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16 Responses to “Columbus Tweetup, Jan. 10th: Get Some Culture”

  1. Ryan Says:


  2. Jim Coe Says:

    I’m bringing friends…join us @jim1coe

  3. Brenda Says:

    will definitely try to make it, I’ve always wanted to check out a tweet up!

  4. df Says:

    rsvp for me.

  5. Leigh Says:

    I’m in for the show. Will definitely try to make the preparty, too.

  6. ndussault Says:

    Plus one…very special lady friend.

  7. Artie Isaac Says:

    I don’t know who you are or what “theatre” is, but I’m coming. And I’ll bring the wife (mine), if she can tear herself away from Halo 3.

  8. Jem Says:

    Count me in for 2 @jempolitico

  9. Tim Lessner Says:

    I hope to attend the show. Might be 2-3 of us.

  10. Kevin Joy Says:

    I’ll be there.

  11. Emily Says:

    I’ll be there – for both – of course!

  12. Amber Allen Says:


  13. Alvin Says:

    Will try to make it.

  14. David Taffany Says:

    My wife Erica (@noelclarington) and I (@SuprDave) are coming for food and the show!

  15. rachel Says:

    @alex_baillieul and I (@bayinghound) are trying to find a sitter to be there for the Tip Top gathering.

  16. Brian Says:

    @1datarecovery on twitter.

    Twitter peeps. Join us here so that we can follow you.

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