Day 2 of forced digital nomadism due to the remnants of Hurricane Ike.

Hasn’t been that bad, really — our house isn’t damaged, we can still shower, the cars have gas, etc.

Jamo doesn’t have school…

Probably about .005% of what the folks down in Galveston and the Texas coast are experiencing.

A minor inconvenience, at worst.

Plus, about a month back I was having thoughts like this:

Which I did, like, the very next day:

So while neither my office nor the JDA office has power or phone service or Internet access, I’m holed up at the Cup O’ Joe in the Short North (pretty much all of which neighborhood has power, by the way) with full access to pretty much everything work-related.

And I’ll be damned if the tunes aren’t consistently good here.

If you’re a client, you already know how to get in touch.

If you want to be a client, you probably already know, too.

In case not:

Cell: 614.598.1729

Mobile email: ryan@areyoubrilliant.com

Gtalk: ryan@areyoubrilliant.com

Twitter: @slimgoodies

I’ll be in and out of meetings all day, so if you don’t get me, leave a message and I’ll get right back…

P.S. Anybody else going to the Wex tonight for Real You Inc?  I’ll be the skinny, balding, bespectacled guy… Shoot me an email, text, tweet — whatever.

P.P.S. Just shared a basked of potato chips with Jeb Stuard Magruder.



One Response to “Tuesday”

  1. amyD Says:

    Thanks for sitting with me at the Real You thing tonight! It was nice seeing you. Though I missed Jami!

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