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September 25, 2008

So Wallace committed suicide on 9/12.  Hung himself.

The number of posthumous appraisals written in the short time between then and now is staggering.

Tried keeping up for a bit, but good luck.

If you’re wondering why all the fuss, there’s an exhaustive catalogue of what’s been written so far here.  Dig in.

My personal favorite, by far, was the live eulogy performed by the Available Light crew (plus special guest, Artie Isaac, whose thoughts on DFW you can read here, along with a mini-review in the comments from Advergirl, who obviously knows her lit) as part of the Independents’ Day festival last Saturday on Gay St.

I’d forgotten how funny Brief Interviews with Hideous Men could be.

And how it felt the first time to read (and re-read, a couple times, alternately flipping from the story to the inside blurbs to the back cover’s author pic and back, before going on, trying to make sense) that opening scene from Infinite Jest, my intro to Wallace.

A book which, for a while, I re-read about once every other year.  Losing myself.  Again.  With characters people like Pemulis and that sideways, ‘drine-fueled glance; Lenz with those rats; Poor Tony.  Big Don Gately.  Picking up on stuff I’d missed before.

And then which book I also raved frothingly about to anybody who’d listen.  Friends, family.  People who LOVE to read!  I’d corner them: Read this. And, yet, to this day, I only know of one person whom I recommended/gave the book to who ever actually finished it.  The rest couldn’t hack it or just didn’t get it and gave up.

On some of the most spectacular writing.  Ever.

Anyhow, all that came flooding back on Saturday, at Due Amici, with ALT’s performance.  And though I was lathered up pretty good with sunblock because of the skin thing — and, yes, some did get in my eye, thank you — I’ll confess that there were a couple real tears interspersed in there, somewhere.

And, in my more self-directed moments, I like to think the performance was in some way for/because of me.

So thanks, Matt, regardless if it was or wasn’t.

I’m just glad to finally know an actual fellow Wallace fan in the flesh.

I’m fine

September 24, 2008

Not enough time for a proper post, but it was thin (the melanoma), meaning we caught it early.

Going back in next Friday for a re-excision and some flap surgery — basically removing a 3″ circle of skin from my chest and then making an adjacent incision to free up some skin and ‘move it over.’

What my co-worker just asked me: ‘Will your nipple be in the middle then?’

I don’t know.  Maybe?

Thanks for the prayers, thoughts, and wishes, etc.



September 21, 2008

What a week.

There was, of course, the storm.  And subsequent multi-day power outage.  Etc.

I think probably enough’s been said about that.

The Friday preceding, my favorite writer of all time, David Foster Wallace, was found dead in his home after an apparent suicide.

More on that, later.

And then just this past Friday, after having a couple suspicious-looking moles biopsied, I was diagnosed with melanoma.

Don’t worry; I still look and feel improbably dashing.

Only difference is all of a sudden I’m drinking proper gin martinis, instead of vodka.  Nothing like an early-’30s skin-cancer scare to usher that phase in.

‘OK… so what does that mean?’

What it means is I’ll be meeting with a specialist later this week to determine the thickness and the depth of the melanoma, as well as to see if it’s spread beyond the skin blah blah blah.

(My apologies if you already knew this; I didn’t.)

That’s Wednesday.

Until then, there’s not much else to share.  Except All The Fascinating Stuff I’ve Learned About Melanoma Since Friday:

  1. Although it’s less common than other types of skin cancer, the rate of melanoma is steadily increasing.
  2. In the US, 1 in 65 people will be diagnosed with melanoma at some point in their life.
  3. The risk of developing melanoma increases with age, but the disease also frequently affects young, otherwise healthy people.
  4. Melanoma is the number-one cause of cancer death in women aged 25 – 30 (!).
  5. Early diagnosis is very important.
  6. The best treatment for early-stage melanomas is surgical removal (simple excision). In almost every case this eliminates the cancer.
  7. If it’s spread beyond the skin, treatment options include surgical removal, chemotherapy, radiation, and biological therapy.

And we’ll leave it at that.

Bottom line: Like other types of cancer, it’s potentially serious, yet easily treatable if caught early.  Things get a bit more complicated if the tumor’s thick and the cells have spread, etc.

I’ll post updates soon as I know more.

Until then, I’m enjoying a heretofore unfelt sense of connection with senator John McCain

(That is not an endorsement.)


September 16, 2008

Day 2 of forced digital nomadism due to the remnants of Hurricane Ike.

Hasn’t been that bad, really — our house isn’t damaged, we can still shower, the cars have gas, etc.

Jamo doesn’t have school…

Probably about .005% of what the folks down in Galveston and the Texas coast are experiencing.

A minor inconvenience, at worst.

Plus, about a month back I was having thoughts like this:

Which I did, like, the very next day:

So while neither my office nor the JDA office has power or phone service or Internet access, I’m holed up at the Cup O’ Joe in the Short North (pretty much all of which neighborhood has power, by the way) with full access to pretty much everything work-related.

And I’ll be damned if the tunes aren’t consistently good here.

If you’re a client, you already know how to get in touch.

If you want to be a client, you probably already know, too.

In case not:

Cell: 614.598.1729

Mobile email:


Twitter: @slimgoodies

I’ll be in and out of meetings all day, so if you don’t get me, leave a message and I’ll get right back…

P.S. Anybody else going to the Wex tonight for Real You Inc?  I’ll be the skinny, balding, bespectacled guy… Shoot me an email, text, tweet — whatever.

P.P.S. Just shared a basked of potato chips with Jeb Stuard Magruder.


September 11, 2008

My litmus test for taking on new clients is unscientific and subjective as hell and goes a little like this:

  1. Are they local?
  2. Are they independent?
  3. Are they passionate about what they do?
  4. Am I passionate about what they do?
  5. Is it interesting?
  6. Can I give them my full, unequivocal endorsement?
  7. Am I a customer of theirs?  (If not, why not?)
  8. Do they help set Columbus apart?
  9. Are they making things better?
  10. Etc etc etc.

The answer isn’t always ‘yes’ for all of the above.  Nor is it by any means an exhaustive list.  But it should give you a pretty good idea of the type of folks we like working with.

So should this.


September 10, 2008

DSC_0675 by jenisplendid.

While you’re at Via Colori this weekend, keep an eye out for Caroline and Elizabeth and their Liberte Crepes cart.

[Disclosure: pretty much every post for the foreseeable future is going to be about awesome new clients.]

Had my first one at the Food and Wine Festival a while back — chocolate & black raspberry — and it was @%#$ing delicious.

Try one — I bet you’ll like it.

DSC_0629 by jenisplendid.

(All the above pics are courtesy of Charly Bauer; for more like this, check out his flickr set from that day.)

[9/11 update: If you’re riding in Scoot-a-Que on Saturday, swing on over to the Liberte Crepe cart with your wristband and get a free cheese crepe!]