there’s something pleasing about this.

i’ve never worked with idea sandbox.

i’m not a client; i haven’t paid them any money.

yet, on a monthly basis, they’re willing to send me ideas about how to think and work more creatively.

in addition to the assorted cocktail napkin wisdom they already share on their blog.

on top of that, when i chose to opt-in, they sent a personal message of thanks and expressed interest in brilliant.

they’re professional marketers, i’m not.

they help me by sharing tips and tricks for free.

simple, right?

i know a lot of other people do it, too.

but they don’t send membership cards.

[update 8/11: i love when people get it to the point of being able to articulate our strategy better than i ever could.]


8 Responses to “belonging”

  1. Paul (from Idea Sandbox) Says:

    Ryan… what a great post! Thanks for the link love…

    You already know why I do this stuff… because as a wise person once said, I want: to do something meaningful… to be engaged… to connect with others… collaborate… and help others do the same! (sounds familiar?!)

    Thanks again, Ryan. Let’s keep in touch! – Paul

  2. madebyamyd Says:

    i’m loving this site! i used the prioritizer today. how sad that i need it, but eh! i love it.

  3. ryan Says:

    the prioritizer’s the bomb. and hilarious when you load it up with mundane, weekend chores: dishes, laundry, pulling the weeds, or a whole season of Rescue Me. hmmmm.

  4. ideasandbox Says:

    naw… it is not sad if you use Prioritizer… you’re working smarter, not harder!

    p.s. I love that Amy D… she’s chosen not to be hi-brow or lo-brow… she’s opted for uni-brow!

  5. Hannaman Says:

    Thank for your post

  6. Yuhas Says:

    payla??m i?in te?ekk?rler

  7. Stjohn Says:

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  8. Fant Says:

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