love is a circular transaction


(thought and well-turned phrase courtesy of brains on fire.)

doing my best not to sound like a blathering fan boy with a crush… but we got a little love from advertising’s red-stilettoed superhero, advergirl, today.

“fantastic execution.”

it’s GREAT to hear feedback like that — especially when you’re navigating with little else besides your gut.

amyd seems to feel the same way

i think it works because:

(a) we’re genuinely passionate about it;

(b) it helps us connect with people over something BIGGER than ourselves (jeez, guess that’s a brains on fire thought, too);

(c) it fuels collaborative partnerships; and

(d) it shows people there’s another way.

that you can be a not-only-for-profit.  and do well by doing good.

which is how i got the idea for brilliant in the first place: working with inspiring clients who have larger purposes at the heart of their organizations other than just profit.

all of which is roughly the equivalent of our five-step recipe for how to change the world.

so, thanks advergirl and amyd.

we you both.

[note: an old thought, had many times before by countless other people, but the real story here is how marvelous technology is. how it’s levelled the playing field. and enabled someone like me, here, to have access to some of the brightest minds in whatever biz, wherever they are. to listen and learn. to converse. and their willingness to share, rather than hoard. all part of the aforesaid circular transaction. isn’t it great?]


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One Response to “love is a circular transaction”

  1. AmyD Says:

    amyD loves you too

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