whatever your version of a planner is, get it out


two events coming up in the not-too-distant future we’re happy to be a part of:

on july 5th, from 2pm until midnight, is the 3rd annual here comes your weekend parking lot blowout at, you guessed it, the surly girl parking lot (next to goody boy).

this is the annual fundraiser for the columbus music co-op and helps fund some important initiatives i wish i would’ve thought of myself, like the columbus musician’s assistance program (cmap).

admission is, well, there is no admission — it’s FREE.

plenty of food and beer available to purchase; last time i checked there were ten bands (and counting) on the schedule…

100% volunteer run. and a certifiable blast.

stay tuned for more…

then, further on down the road a bit, september 12-14, you’ve got scoot-a-que 11.

(see the process behind this year’s design here.)

don’t be fooled by the website — the agenda isn’t up and registration isn’t open (yet).

if you have a scoot, this is a can’t-miss. and, even if you don’t, it’s fun watching everybody take off on saturday from the north market.

plus — not coincidentally — that saturday also doubles as the columbus microbrew festival at the market, too.

good times, people.


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