new day, new clients collaborative partnership…

met the folks from original columbus last week.

they’ve taken over the old tigertree spot at 17 e brickel — next to the art exchange and catty corner to tasi.

good peoples.

they’ve signed on to build and develop buylocalcolumbus.org — and they’re doing it pro bono.

why? because they believe. and rock. literally (ryan stolte-sawa is a member of flotation walls).

if ANYBODY — individual, business, non-profit, whatever — wants to work collaboratively on a community project for the common good, get in touch.

if you’ve been seeing these stickers around town (or received one) and are wondering what they’re about, get in touch.

if you want to help pass them out to your favorite neighborhood businesses (or just slap one on your scoot), get in touch.

if you have a scoot and want to ride with me, get in touch.

if you work at a media outlet like alive or cd101, and want to donate some ad space/time, get in touch.

if you work at a creative agency and want to lend some expertise…

nobody owns it. everybody can use it. anybody can improve it (thanks doc).

meeting with folks from the columbus music co-op and local matters later this week.

anybody else want to pitch in?



7 Responses to “we”

  1. pattycakebakery Says:

    me! me! i want to help/be involved!

  2. ryan Says:

    great! you rock, jennie.

    heard about the robbery on saturday… glad nobody was hurt.

    i’ll swing by later this week and we’ll talk some shop.

  3. Joseph Says:

    Love the stickers, what a great meme! Tell me how to get a handful to start passing out, please!

    Found you via Restaurant Widows post re: Sage, (we cant wait to go!) and I’m having fun checking out your various doings…

  4. ryan Says:


    how many do you want? i can either drop some in the mail to you; or, since we both live in clintonville, we can just meetup.

    the most i can do in the mail is ten… and i’m happy to give you more if you want to help spread the idea virus.

    let me know (there’s a message in your inbox, too).

  5. sarah Says:

    Me too! I would love to help spread the word.

  6. brent Says:

    Me too also! I’m sending you an email.

  7. ryan Says:

    great! just get in touch!

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