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saturday night style

May 29, 2008

this muxtape from sasha frere-jones is kinda hot — especially the stones remix and the grace jones track.

i’d be surprised if it weren’t.

[note: great piece on usher from sasha in this week’s new yorker.]


hop out of bed with a smile

May 28, 2008

via my wall from that young isaac retrospective last year.


high parody

May 22, 2008

made out like a bandit with the coveted “i’m daniel fox and i’m a hack” shirt for a fraction of the original $965.99 retail price at skreened’s $1-screwed-up-t-shirt-day sale the other day.

what a steal.

they call me slim

May 21, 2008

ok. things are ready to start happening finally.

if you look over here, you’ll see i’ve got a new online hub of sorts.

poke around a bit, and you’ll see that the site for brilliant is up!

thanks to adam and jen at i love treefort for that (their business and personal websites have just been updated recently, too, take a look).

they also threw a site up over here to help the victims of the hit-and-run last week at haiku. there’s a meeting tonight at 6:00 at junctionview for anybody interested in helping pull resources together for that cause.

brilliant is based on two ideas:

(1) work only with clients we believe in

(2) do something worth talking about

take a quick spin around the site. i think we’ve only got, like, eight of the client profiles up for now, but we’ll be doing the rest soon. and hopefully adding a bunch more.

if we already work together and you know somebody who you think might fit the bill, get us in touch.

if you’re reading this and we haven’t met yet, we should.

and, as far as the do-something-worth-talking-about-part, if you follow me on twitter, you’ll see that i’m going to be riding around town (bike or scooter, haven’t decided) today, passing out 1,000 Buy Local stickers to businesses city-wide (or, as far as i can pedal/the vespa breaks down) as the first ingredient of a collaborative campaign.

so if you want to get in touch today, call my cell or send an email. i’ve got my handheld thingy.


May 20, 2008

icitizen is going on right now across town at the blackwell.

the event’s invitation-only — sooooo jealous — but there’s a live blog, plus a whole lot of people twittering:


david griner

holly davis

joseph jaffe

doc searls

lara kretler

official icitizen tweet

molly metzger

or just use the trusty tweetscan.

local (small) business blogs

May 20, 2008

not a comprehensive list, by any means. just a few i’ve seen lately. it’s always interesting to see how people use the platform.

bakery gingham

paradise garage

pattycake vegan bakery

sole classics


b1 bicycles



clintonville outfitters


luck bros.

dinner & a movie (plus beer)

May 15, 2008

new clients.


May 12, 2008

heard a juicy rumor over brunch on sunday at the uptown market that northstar‘s working on a third location over in dublin near the shops at river ridge

speaking of westerville, anybody else been to java central yet? there’s outdoor seating, comfy sofas and chairs inside, an amyd boutique. plus the espresso’s excellent.

all of a sudden there’s a couple really good reasons to head north.