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lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies lies

April 28, 2008

you can’t be the “ultimate drink stop” if you don’t sell booze. quit trying to convince us you are.


try it at home

April 28, 2008

don’t think it’s on the shelves yet, but check out the june issue of food & wine for eight recipes from jeni, including a version of the gallo family gold medal award winning sour-cherry lambic sorbet, adapted for the home cook.


April 25, 2008

if you would’ve told me six months ago that it’d take six months to get all the content to treefort for the website and that, in the end, it’d only be, like, six sentences, i would’ve said you’re nuts.

but it is what it is — no more.

and in this case, though what we say and how we say it is important, what we don’t say is just as important — if not more.

no hyperbole. just the truth. trusting that the right people will get it. and that if we create the right preconditions for something to happen, it might.

also, the presupposition that nobody cares. especially about a category like insurance. it’s liberating once you accept that.

the way i figure it, people are pretty smart. especially the people i like working with.

smart people doing interesting work.

so it’d be pretty stupid to try and convince people that our products are somehow better than everybody else’s, right?

or that, somehow, our level of customer service is — this is my favorite — “unprecedented,” as another local agency would have you believe.

no, i’d rather not waste your attention. i’d rather see if we can’t give people an altogether different reason for doing business with us than everybody else.

so: no advertising. no direct mail.

getting pummeled with messages? not by us.

don’t even have to do business with us to appreciate that.

instead, how about creating something that actually adds value?

something meaningful. something that might actually make a difference or make peoples’ lives easier. or change the world on our clients’ behalf.

so we decided to follow our passion and do something we’ve always wanted to do: a campaign to support and promote the local businesses that help set our city apart.

the first element is this sticker, which you’re going to see popping up all around town in the windows of your favorite, local independent businesses.

from there, we can do anything with this. but we can’t do it ourselves. have some ideas? want to help?

your participation is key if we’re going make this work and have a measurable impact.

if you’re a business owner or an engaged citizen looking to get involved, get in touch.

run a business and need a sticker? need a sticker to give to your favorite business?

i’ve got 1,000, and as soon as treefort finishes building the website, they’re going up. after that, we’ll probably have a little ho-down for anybody who’s interested in playing a part.

eat it, too

April 18, 2008

a good friend of mine who works at the nfib has a fledgling little cake business on the side.

celebration cakes. delicious stuff.

she was partnering with mean bean for a bit, but she’s looking to do custom cakes for private clients rather than biz-to-biz.

anyhow, she whipped up a BUNCH of cake for the agora preview party tonight. and she’s going to be slicing and serving it up.

her name’s mandy.

stop by, say hello, and grab a taste.


April 17, 2008

didn’t get there until about 6:30ish or so, but it was a veritable who’s who of local business at studio 35 tonight.

cupcakes from pattycake, pies from pizza primo, grab bags full of a bunch of local swag i haven’t had the chance to sort through yet because the office’s on.

tasty, cold beer.

and independent america was great. just the swift kick i needed. perfect timing with brilliant about to hit + buy local columbus.

independent america pre-party 4/17 5:00

April 16, 2008

just cruised through wholly craft, pattycake, and skreened, passing out a bunch of these here stickers:

chatted with daniel and michelle from primo pizza for a bit.

found out there’s a reception tomorrow at studio 35 starting at 5:00 leading up to the 7:00 screening of independent america.




business owners.

people who support them.

see you there.

notes & errata

April 13, 2008

been off the grid for what seems like the past couple months. that’s about to change…

item of note:

this thursday, april 17th, at 7pm, and then again on saturday, april 19th, at 5pm, studio 35 is screening independent america.

two documentary filmmakers travel 13,000 miles through 32 states. there are two rules:

  1. no interstates: they can only travel on secondary highways and country roads
  2. they can only do business with mom & pop. no mcdonalds. no best westerns. no wal-marts.

admission is $5.

GREAT chance for independent business owners to connect and chat over a couple cold brewskies.

engaged citizens, too.

spread the word if you know someone who might be interested.

agora next…