here’s a great piece from this week’s new yorker about the clinton-obama battle and ‘two very different ideas of the presidency.’

“these rival conceptions of the presidency — clinton as executive, obama as visionary — reflect a deeper difference in how the two candidates analyze what ails the country. obama’s diagnosis is more fundamental: for him, the illness precedes the bush years and the partisan deadlock in washington, originating in a basic failure of politicians to bring americans together. a strong hand on the wheel won’t make a difference if your car is stuck in the mud; a good leader has to persuade enough people to get out and push. whereas clinton echoes churchill, who prolaimed, ‘give us the tools and we will finish the job,’ obama invokes lincoln, who said, ‘as our case is new, so we mush think anew, and act anew. we must disenthrall ourselves, and then we shall save our country.”

i also like robert reich’s conception of political inspiration:

“the legitimizing of social movements and social change, the empowering of all sorts of people and groups to act as remarkable change agents.”

that resonates with me. deeply.

here’s 34 obama shirts from skreened.

and here’s obama on letterman last night:



One Response to “barack”

  1. AmyD Says:

    i love those shirts! i’ll have to get one for my cute husband. and that top 10 was perfect!

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