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ok, here’s the thing.

i don’t, like, love insurance or the insurance industry, no. (if you think that’s the case, we obviously haven’t met or talked yet, and we should.)

BUT… i’m passionate about people who are passionate about what they do. that’s inspiring to me: people who love what they’re doing. it’s hard to fake that.¹

and what i love, more than almost everything else except my wife, is helping those people. they’re so ‘in’ to what they do, i can’t help be ‘in’ to them — it’s an attraction, of sorts — and all i want to do is get behind them.

and the way i’m best equipped to do that right now — to have the most impact — is through insurance. through, not with.

let me explain.

before, it simply meant we offered all the traditional stuff: proper coverage, a fair price, nothing-is-too-much-trouble service, etc. plus a personal and professional investment from me. and, odds were, if i was compelled to seek you out in the first place, it was because i believed in you, so at some point i probably ended up writing about you here (or here), too.

for me, though, that’s never really been enough.

see, the people i want to work with, they’re not average folk. they might be unassuming, self-deprecating, and humble — yes. but they’re truly exceptional people. doing truly exceptional things. rooted in passion. people like jeni and john and liz and artie, who, each, in their own way, were the inspiration for what i’m getting ready to do now.

so why not, i thought, why not do something exceptional to better serve the people who inspire us? because we’re in the position to do so. and then, maybe, if we do it right, maybe at the same time we’ll inspire others to do exceptional things, too?

so we take the traditional stuff — everything you’d expect from a top-25 independent agency — and keep it standard. but we create a new-model agency specifically for helping those who inspire us so they can hopefully continue to inspire you. that’s where our mission starts. and we tailor our services — shoot, maybe we create new services — for them. just tell me what you need. but, again, that’s still the traditional stuff; we’re just doing it in a nontraditional way.

no, where the rubber meets the road (this is the through part), is that, far as i can tell, the other 3,999 insurance agencies in central ohio are about one thing and one thing only: profit. for me — us — that’s not enough. especially when you consider the position we’re in: insurance is an inherently social business. and by the sheer volume of people we’re in contact with, it puts us in position of influence.

so maybe if we’re public and open about our principles, aren’t shy about mentioning them, and — most important — continue to act on them, leading by example, using insurance not as a tool for profit, but rather as a tool for making things better, for making a difference, as agents of change, maybe by leading our efforts will in turn help inspire OTHERS to find their own way to do the same. just like jeni and john and liz and artie — and most recently daniel — did for me.

just maybe.

¹it also helps, too, if what you’re passionate about is, in some way, interesting. i.e. worth thinking about. and ethical. i.e. not solely about $. and relevant. i.e. of social or cultural meaning. maybe it’s part of a solution? e.g. the local cycling community is interesting to me because (a) die-hard folks were out commuting last week in 15° degree weather and because (b) it’s part of a solution to a number of different problems. likewise, the local crafting community is interesting to me because (a) crafters are so damn creative and because (b) handmade products are part of the solution to a number of different problems. etc. so the five-way intersection of passion and interestingness and ethics and creativity and relevance.



2 Responses to “from the”

  1. AmyD Says:

    you had me at “ok”

  2. Artie Isaac Says:

    Let’s get a lunch together with ryan and jeni and john and liz and artie.

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