business. highly unusual.


you live in columbus. you’re a crafter. an artist. a designer. you run a creative small business. maybe you’ve got a blog. you’re passionate. you shop local. you create original things from scratch that didn’t before exist; or, you combine old ideas in never-tried-before ways to create something new. status quo? rejected it. at some point you took a look around and said: if nobody else can get it right, i’m just going to do it myself. you embrace failure. you’re independent. you prefer interestingness to not. you ‘get it.’ you’re creatively-engaged. you’re a participant. you’re shaping the future. you want to do well by doing good. you want to give something back. are you brilliant? we think so.



6 Responses to “business. highly unusual.”

  1. skreened Says:

    You’re creating a narrative that I have decided I want to be a part of.

  2. ryan Says:


  3. skreened Says:

    indeed. I’m also happy to get involved publicly as an example on your blog.

  4. ryan Says:

    how about on the new website? ultimately, it’s clients that steer this ship — not us — and they’re going to feature prominently in everything we do.

  5. AmyD Says:

    What?!?! that’s not enough for me! i want to hear more! MORE! MORE I TELL YOU. just call me dude. don’t call me “dude.” rather, just call me.

  6. ryan Says:

    i’ll call you tomorrow!

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