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December 31, 2007

rather than an end-of-the-year wrap-up, here are a couple posts from the old blog:

here’s where we got to know elizabeth lessner a little bit better.

here’s part i and part ii of the thing on royal coffee.

and because we fancy staying humble, here’s an earnest piece in which we tried a bit too hard. reminds me of college.


making it better

December 28, 2007

back in november, in his keynote speech at the 2007 futuretrends conference in miami, fl, piers fawkes issued the following challenge:

if there is an economic reason to change the world…

…as a trends analyst, researcher, innovation director or concerned party, it’s your job, should you choose to accept it, to create that change.

your job is to inspire your companies. inspire them:

  • to lead
  • to be good
  • to make things better

right about that same time, 1200 miles away, here in columbus, i was issuing a similar challenge to our agency principal at jda, except with a singularly immodest proposal attached: give me the resources, backing, and budget, and let me create a new agency — from the ground up, on my terms — so we can lead and help shape the future.

he said ‘yes.’

that night, i unpacked the still-germinating idea into a clumsy powerpoint and uploaded it:

jump cut a month-and-a-half forward, and we’re getting ready to meet piers’ challenge with brilliant.

this is about columbus.

this is about passion for the potential for the future.

and, if you’re engaged locally in the commercial application of creativity — a cultural entrepreneur — this is about you.

stay tuned.

it’s now a tie

December 20, 2007


from young isaac.

read more about this brilliant idea here.

handmade 2.0

December 19, 2007

fascinating article in this week’s times sunday magazine about the fruitful mènage between the diy craft scene, web 2.0, and etsy.etsy1.jpg

long players

December 18, 2007


discarded the crates and loaded up the sideboard, got out the decks (most of our christmas music’s on vinyl).

and reacquainted ourselves with some treasures from yesteryear.

picked this one up a couple years back. issued on galt’s kilmarnock label in ’69 — never seen the film — but it’s simply too good not to share, i think. even if but for a limited time.

give it a listen.

“moving clothes”

“radio rock”


length / height =

December 17, 2007


in this context, it’s almost as if howard’s seen the deep fuchsia of our office carpeting for the first time.

that, or the wallpaper.

or — better yet — it’s as if he’s just seen the first of 100-some holiday cards come trickling back in with this stamped across the front: ‘return to sender. 17¢ additional postage. non-standard surcharge.’

this was confounding, at first. until we started trolling through obscure statutes and codes on the usps website looking for ostensible causes of 17¢ surcharges, and found the following mathematic expression of what makes an envelope “non-machinable”:

If the aspect ratio (length divided by height) is not within 1.3 to 2.5 (inclusive), the piece is a nonmachinable letter. For example:

For a letter-size piece that is 5 inches by 8 inches, if the address is parallel to the 5-inch (shorter) dimension, the piece is 5 inches long and 8 inches high. The aspect ratio of this piece is 0.625, which is not within 1.3 to 2.5, so it is mailable as a nonmachinable letter.

our envelopes, though they fit within the proffered slot of the trusty ‘first-class-mail-rate-classification-guide’ tool issued to us earlier this year, are 6″ by 6″. giving our holiday piece an aspect ration of 1. clearly not within the neighborhood of 1.3 to 2.5.

mailable but, alas, nonmachinable.

if this were an episode of numb3rs, i’d get that smart guy to calculate the probability of whether or not all of the individual pieces were going to get returned, the daily rate at which they would arrive, and then the likelihood of us getting them sent back out with the additional 17¢ in postage and delivered before … 2008.

know your aspect ratios.

business. highly unusual.

December 16, 2007

you live in columbus. you’re a crafter. an artist. a designer. you run a creative small business. maybe you’ve got a blog. you’re passionate. you shop local. you create original things from scratch that didn’t before exist; or, you combine old ideas in never-tried-before ways to create something new. status quo? rejected it. at some point you took a look around and said: if nobody else can get it right, i’m just going to do it myself. you embrace failure. you’re independent. you prefer interestingness to not. you ‘get it.’ you’re creatively-engaged. you’re a participant. you’re shaping the future. you want to do well by doing good. you want to give something back. are you brilliant? we think so.

best holiday card of the year (so far)

December 12, 2007


from the brilliant folks at design central.

holiday hooch

December 12, 2007

sold!  this cute little number’s on sale from amydsold!

she describes it aptly as being both ‘flattering and functional,” and those are just two of the many great things about amyd’s stylish stuff. otherwise, what’s the point? that, plus the fact that nobody else has anything like it. the scarf i picked up at the north market show never fails to garner mention — and it keeps me warm.

have you taken the handmade pledge yet?



December 12, 2007


those were the days.


December 8, 2007


tattoo marketing is a joke.

i love tattoos, don’t get me wrong (my wife has three). but i’m never going to drink inked, and i’m sure as hell never going to buy a product or engage with a brand because of a tattoo.

if anything, it’ll solidify my fervent opposition, at best.

yeah, i know, technology’s redefined the game. and the relentless search for new markets must continue. but it’s just such an obvious misappropriation of culture.

try being real, instead. you’ll be rewarded for it. trust me.

in your mailbox soon:

December 7, 2007

jda holiday card. sketch by jen adrion.