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back in late september, three heavy hitters in the design world — deanna kuhlmann-leavitt of kuhlmann leavitt, david ritter of vsa partners, and scott stowell of open — spent a weekend together at ccad evaluating the submissions for the columbus society of communicating arts (csca) 2007 creative best competition.

(for anybody who doesn’t know, the csca’s a nonprofit of graphic designers, writers, illustrators, photographers, and other creatives engaged in the communicating arts.)

and last thursday was the creative best awards show at arena grand, the annual showcase for some of the country’s best work that just happens to come right from our own fertile backyard here in central ohio, recognizing those ‘who’ve pushed boundaries. played by the rules. and broken some of them.’

elementshrunk.jpg element walked away with TWO awards of merit this year for superior work in the identity design category — the first, for their reimagination of the jeni’s brand and packaging; the second, for their reconception of our agency brand plus an assortment of sticky deliverables. (the big man hasn’t yet okayed the $ for a website redesign at the agency level, so if you want to see some of their unbelievable work, send me an email and i’ll send you a letter. better yet, have me design an insurance program for your creative small business and i’ll give you a bound proposal. if that appeals to you, stay tuned, because we’ll be launching a separate site for the new shop-within-a-shop soon!)

not only do these guys do great work, they do great local work.

so congratulations to the whole element crew! i never would’ve have brought you in if i didn’t think your work was weapons-grade. but the multiple generations in our office think and work markedly different. and identity design is one of those concepts that, while for you and me it’s a no-brainer, for older generations (though of course there are exceptions), at least in this industry, at this office, let’s just say it’s one of those concepts that wasn’t immediately grasped. which is part of the reason i’m creating new things here: so we can be fleet-footed.

download a low res .pdf of the 2007 creative best book here.


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2 Responses to “elementville, oh”

  1. johnmccollum Says:

    Thanks, man.

  2. skreened Says:

    both systems are outstanding. well deserved, imho.

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