creative director


picked up a copy of c-bus magazine over the weekend, and was surprised to find artie’s charming mug staring back out at me. in c-bus? however unlikely, he was in there as part of a four-person panel, and the topic was ‘how different generations of workers approach their jobs and interact in the workplace.’

i’m 29, and work at a mid-sized agency of 17. and though i bristle at the reductive title — it doesn’t come close to capturing what i do — of the four ‘producers’ in our office, i’m the youngest by 25 years. the differences in the way we work and think might best be described as chasmal we’re so markedly far apart.

in the discussion, artie, who’s 47ish, describes himself thusly: ‘…i’m demographically a member of the baby boomer [generation], but i am clinically a member of generation x in the way i think.’ true! that’s just artie, though — a rare and freakishly-evolved species.

he and janine moon (whom i don’t know) hit the nail on the head a couple times in their articulation of the working styles of younger generations. especially artie’s observation that ‘…i don’t think that we’re making 9-to-5 people anymore.’ it’s not that we work less or less hard necessarily, it’s that we work differently.

for me, it means not settling to just ‘work’ or do a ‘job,’ but rather to find — or if it doesn’t yet exist, create — a way to take your passion and turn it into a livelihood, with whom and how you want, on your own terms, the ultimate goal being — at least for me — to blur the line between work and play to the point where it’s just: Life. why does it have to be separate? doing good work and doing Good, with like-minded folk, creating, birthing, building, or adding something new that didn’t before exist. it’s about meaning. how can you live a meaningful, engaged life, if what you do 40 hours of the week has no connection to who you are and what you really care about? if you’ve got the talent and passion, it’s not what you do mon – fri, 9 – 5 — it’s just what you do, period. when and wherever (though, of course, that alone doesn’t define you.) so, technically, yes, i work in the insurance industry, but, clinically, i am not an insurance agent. because that sure as hell doesn’t come close to defining me, what i do or how i think.

and, since i created the new thing i’m directing and passionate as hell about because we’re going to be working creatively to help great people AND build something good, it’s only fitting that my new title’s a more accurate description of what it is i actually do:

i’m your creative director. [ed. note: my responsibilities are much more than just the fun stuff, turns out.]



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