too much


ashley posted eloquently about the ‘tyranny of choice,’ something i’ve been thinking about lately, too. plus the tyranny of features.

more ≠ better.

except, where she comes at it from bras and panties, my chief concern of the moment is food menus.

during a trip to chicago last weekend, we breakfasted at lumes on saturday, and then brunched sunday at m.henry.

lumes had this sprawling, like, 8-page menu with skillets and omelets and crepes and pancakes and all this deliciousness and it was like: how can i possibly choose?

flustered, i ended up ordering an off-the-menu special — which, for me is usually a no-brainer — of chilaquiles, but which ended up being a grave mistake because nobody does chilaquiles like starliner.

plus i forgot to take a picture of the unabridged tome of a menu.

then, sunday, a liberating experience at m.henry. the wait was about 45 minutes, and worth every single minute. fun decor, interesting, diverse crowd. food-wise, this place struck me as what northstar aspires to be, but’s too anal to become.

the brunch menu’s split into two sections: savory & sweet, and really that’s all you need to know. once you decide between the two options, it’s a win-win-win-win-win.

thank you, m.henry, for keeping it simple, but also for not taking yourself too seriously. we love you for it.

*it’s worth noting, too, that m.henry’s menu, while limited, features a number of inventive seasonal specials to shake things up and keep the love affair feeling new…



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3 Responses to “too much”

  1. Ashley V. Routson Says:

    Well said. And thanks for the PR.

  2. Ashley V. Routson Says:

    Ironically I just read that article yesterday while eating brunch at Northstar!!!

  3. ryan Says:

    wow. now if that isn’t irony-laden, show me something that is!

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