she makes it. you buy it. look pretty. pt ii


amyd’s not vending at tiny canary this weekend, but you can check out her stuff online on her website, in person at wholly craft, or december 1st at the north market craft extravaganza.

or simply be one of the first 100 in the door on saturday and get one of our reusable coffee sleeves she designed and crafted by hand, for free!

here’s a little q & a we did via email: midamyd1.jpg

q: for anybody who hasn’t seen your clothes before, describe the style of your line.

a: my clothes are stand-out enough to get you noticed, but you can still make a stop at your kid’s school and not cause a scene.

q: who’s your muse? where do you get your inspiration?

a: i’m inspired mostly by practical things. meaning, a skirt can’t be see-through or scratchy and everything needs to be comfortable.

q: do you make custom stuff — e.g. can my wife call you up and say: amy, i need a straight skirt in a certain color in such-and-such a size? how does that work?

a: i do quite a bit of custom clothing. how it works for custom stuff is that someone lets me know the kind of thing they want, and what colors they like and what it’s for. (‘hey amy! i need a skirt for work and i’m a librarian, so i need to be able to bend over without showing myself and i don’t want to look like a librarian…’) so then we chat back and forth until i get an idea of what they are like and then i come up with something just for them. it’s not a situation in which someone picks a style and a color, but more as though we are working together to come up with something they will want to wear everyday.

q: do you make men’s clothes?

a: you bet. so far that’s been mainly custom.

q: you’ve got three kids. do you make them cool clothes?

a: sometimes! my son prefers to wear shirts by toothepaste for dinner, mr. pickles, and supastarr (all ohioans!)

q: what’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

a: f**k it.

q: what does the world need more of? what does the world need less of?

a: good one! i’m only sure the world needs less people worrying about what everyone else is up to.

q: what’s your hope for the future of columbus?

a: i absolutely love living here! my kids love it, too. i hope columbus is able to grow and still retain its flair. i hope rents stay low enough for cool independent businesses to operate.

q: 5 lps that never get very far from your record player:

a: earwig; evil queens; rosehips; the sure things; black swans (i like my rock local!)

q: favorite kind of pie?

a: carrie pie!

q: best cupcakes in town?

a: pattycake vegan bakery

q: reading anything good right now?

a: croq zine. it’s a craft zine mostly about crafty business shiz. i love zines.

q: seen any good films recently?

a: i see everthing on video (sorry, damon!), so the last best thing i saw was garden state and it was great!

q: where do you get your news from?

a: and my teenager.

q: when are you the happiest?

a: i’m happy most of the time. i love it when my husband laughs at me when i’m acting like an idiot.

q: name somebody you admire who leads by example:

a: jill arnett. she’s like a sister to me and a kind of mentor. any success i’ve had in this venture has been a direct result of her influence and advice. olivia bratich. she’s made a lot of stuff happen that wouldn’t otherwise be possible, without wholly craft.

q: name some local crafters we should be paying attention to:

a: locura: she’s making these cool rosaries and has so many creative ideas. creatrix jane: great clothes and accessories. lucky kat: fantastically tailored retro clothes. sweet stella: cool jewelry. umbrella girl: lovely hand-crafted stationery. flamestitch: the best handbags i’ve ever seen. no kidding.


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3 Responses to “she makes it. you buy it. look pretty. pt ii”

  1. AmyD Says:

    Thanks so much, Ryan! I hope people go look at the sites mentioned here. i do love your blog. come over for coffee anytime! (except 4pm, which, as you know, is beer time)

  2. Locura Says:

    I love amyd!

  3. retro clothing Says:

    My favorite place to find retro clothing is Goodwill or any thirft store. Ebay is also a great place to find what you’re looking for.

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