she makes it. you buy it. look pretty. pt i


if you live in columbus and are cognitively aware plus have a pulse, you know this is a big weekend coming up.banner_3.jpg

game? what game?

i’m talking about tiny canary.

the diy-inspired, modern arts & crafts market is this saturday and sunday, 10:00 am to 6:00, at junctionview. and if you’re into independent artists and designers plus all kinds of awesomeness that doesn’t suck, we know where you’ll be at 10:00.

(not to say that art and sport are mutually exclusive.)

we’re proud to be co-sponsoring this event — along with columbus underground, wholly craft, i love treefort, done waiting, alive, and couchfire (how’s that for some company!).

and much like with the new principled shop i’m running at jda (just greenlighted last week, still in beta, and so new i’ve only had time to allude to it in a previous post) where our mission is to invest in columbus’ cultural economy by working and partnering exclusively with clients who create products, services, or experiences of social or cultural meaning — give us something original, innovative, or relevant to believe in, and we’ll get behind you — likewise, the new shop doesn’t take sponsorship lightly.

this started with the scoot-a-que gift cards we did earlier this fall. why? because once we get behind something, we don’t half-ass it, and that’s rule #2. and it’s a good rule to go by: don’t get behind something unless you believe in it, because if you don’t truly believe, aren’t passionate, and don’t care, might you be tempted to just phone it in?

i see that happening a lot with event sponsorships. look: anybody can buy an experience and attach their name to an event if you’ve got enough $ these days. no?

but starting back with scoot-a-que and forever moving forward, when we choose to sponsor an event, it’s because we believe in it, and we want to help supply the ingredients that transform that culture into a community. scooters, the diy craft movement, whatever. anything exhibiting independent spirit. the emergence of the individual from the herd. people doing it themselves, on their own terms. saying f**k it.

which is why when we started talking with anne about tiny canary, and she mentioned that the first 100 folks in the door would get goodie bags, and that, as sponsors, we’d get the opportunity to include a promotional item, two things occurred to us (1) here’s a great opportunity to promote some clients and (2) this is a craft show, why not have a local crafter make our promo item?

so we ran what we thought was a genius idea by anne, anne loved it because she’s genius herself, and she was confident that between the crafty folks at couchfire and the crafty cotillion she could find someone to help us out. she went to crafty cotillion meetup at surly girl towards the end of october and threw out the idea to whoever was present.

the very next day we got a call from olivia who said she knew just the gal: amyd, who, although her bread-and-butter is making smart clothing for sartorially savvy folk like lizard mcgee and what i imagine to be a motley assortment of other stylish friends, she also happens to make these wonderful, handcrafted, reusable coffee sleeves, constructed of felt, but which felt’s in turn made of recycled soda bottles (!); and since we’re promoting our friends over at luck bros coffee shop, wouldn’t that perfect!? [ed note: olivia didn’t sound like that.]



long story, short: amyd rocks. unequivocally. it was obvious from our first conversation, obvious from her subsequent emails, obvious from her website, obvious when, after a couple weeks of emailing back and forth, i finally had the pleasure of meeting her, and it was obvious just now as we got off the phone. hanging with her and her kids for a bit, usually disparate words like ‘parenthood,’ ‘panache,’ and ‘aplomb’ started to spring to mind together, punctuated by an emphatic ‘cool.’

had such a good time partnering with her on this, least we thought we could do was shine the spotlight on her for a bit, so i fired off some amateurish, journalistic-type questions via email, she was game enough to respond back, and you’ll find the exchange in part ii of this unwieldy post…

be one of the first 100 in the door on saturday at tiny canary and get one of these, plus a buy-1-get-1-free coupon to luck bros., which is literally right down the street from junctionview. support your local, independent coffee shop!



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