cheeseburger, fry, coke & a dvd


first, a couple weeks ago, killing time in the dallas/ft worth aiport, i stumbled upon an ipod vending machine, which, maybe these are all over the place, but it was the first one i’d seen; then, somewhere outside indianapolis this past weekend, in a fix, we stopped in a mcdonald’s and there was this “redbox” dvd kiosk thing, which i’d certainly never seen before, and five people waiting in line to use it. $1 per dvd, per night, plus tax, no late fees. 30 or so selections to choose from, maybe more.

the new value meal?



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4 Responses to “cheeseburger, fry, coke & a dvd”

  1. Ashley V. Routson Says:

    You must eat out way too much! They have those little DVD kiosks at both Giant Eagle and Kroger as well. There is a late fee, though. But it’s only a dollar a day. The only drawbacks are you can only rent new releases and there is only a certain quantity of each, so the popular ones sell out fast. An up side is that they also carry new “indie” releases that may never have hit the big theatres. (Not a lot … but some).

  2. ryan Says:

    nah. more like we make our groceries at a combination of the north market, whole foods, trader joes, and the clintonville co-op. but they’re here in town, huh? i’ll be damned. i see how it could be attractive for spur-of-the-moment rentals at grocery stores, though, vs. waiting for netflix. problem with having it at a mcdonald’s though is invariably i feel gross afterward and vow never to go back.

  3. AmyD Says:

    Weird! that kind of stuff makes me feel like i’m in bladerunner. the good part is that you don’t have to talk to people. the bad part is you don’t have to talk to people.
    (does the bladerunner thing mean i’m old?)

  4. ryan Says:

    ‘the good part is that you don’t have to talk to people. the bad part is you don’t have to talk to people.’


    no, blade runner doesn’t mean you’re old, it means you’re studied!

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