the diy capital of the world


there’s a number of separate yet interrelated microtrends in columbus right now, which is part of the reason it’s such an exciting time to live here — both the potential and possibilities are limitless. and they’re all about to intersect.

and it’s all pretty much fueled by two things:

(1) the do-it-yourself aesthetic: frustration with, and rejection of, the status quo, followed by the realization that if nobody else can get it right, i’m just going to do it myself, better. and then doing it.

(2) technology: it’s democratized the dissemination of pretty much everything.

what better illustration of this than the indie art capital of the world campaign, which is spreading like a california wildfire (not to make light, but it’s the most apt analogy).

city sucks at marketing itself?  fine.  we’ll just do it ourselves then.



2 Responses to “the diy capital of the world”

  1. michaelreed Says:

    “and they’re all about to intersect.”

    prophetic and true. in fact, they’ve intersected all along. the network has always been there- the task is self realization by the network, and flow if information and collaboration across it.

    small thing: not ‘i’m just going to do it myself, better.’ – we’re going to do it ourselves, better.

    technology: agreed. technology is a great equalizer. Also, though, I think people are starting to take a globally powerful medium and aiming it at the local. pretty cool.

  2. ryan Says:

    word. true ‘dat. agreed.

    you said everything i meant to say, mike, except you said it better.

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