one way to market a city


in january of 2007, the new orleans convention and visitors bureau launched an international re-branding campaign, created by trumpet and peter a mayer advertising, to promote new orleans culture and hospitality.

“forever new orleans” features print ads run in business magazines, travel and trade publications, and collectible posters, complementing an outdoor, billboard campaign introduced in 18 major markets across the country in december of 2006.





the campaign also features tray-table ads on 35 domestic u.s. airways and america west planes nationwide, with images of classic nola dishes to make you drool (soft shell crab pictured below; click the image for a head-on look):


as was evident from the bob belden video we posted last week, there’s still an unfathomable amount of work to be done — particularly in the 9th ward where in some areas it simply looks like a bomb went off and it hasn’t been touched since.

and from listening to wwoz and harry shearer, it sounds like anything that’s being done’s being done by folk themselves, and the road home is a joke.

but what’s clearly not a joke is the moving livesconnected project from the folks at peter mayer — an oral and visual chronicling of their experiences during and after katrina. an interesting solution for organizing and cataloging boatloads of data. plus for making sense of the nonsensical.

and new orleanians certainly haven’t lost their sense of humor:




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