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Columbus Announced as Indie Art Capital of the World

For Immediate Release: Monday, October 29, 2007
Contact: Mike Reed, 614-348-9800, or Daniel Fox, 614-746-0333

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The title of “Indie Art Capital of the World” was announced and awarded to the City of Columbus last Tuesday, October 23rd. This announcement marks the beginning of a new grass-roots effort in Columbus to help clarify and boost the cities image throughout the world as a place where all types of art produced with an independent spirit are embraced. Already forging a strong foothold in the community, this title is anticipated to be adopted into the marketing and promotion organizations throughout Central Ohio by the end of the year.

Local indie artist Mike Reed says that he’s ready for the new title to be embraced from top to bottom. “Have the Greater Columbus Arts Council adopt the moniker”, Reed stated. “Not only is this something Mayor Mike Coleman can start mentioning it in speeches, but every artist has the opportunity to insert it into conversation. Events should buy into the marketing. We are at such a time in our cities history where we can really brand Columbus for one of the things we are great at, fostering independent arts.”

Reed, along with fellow members of local artist cooperative, Couchfire Collective host the Agora art events turning out several thousand people. He sees their success as proof of the opportunity to capitalize on Columbus’ Indie Art happenings.

He also projects that the title of Indie Art Capital of the World will have a sweeping economic benefit throughout all of Columbus – not just the arts scene. “There are opportunities to generate several millions of dollars in revenue for this city as a result of this branding push”, he said citing similar success stories in other US cities such as Austin, TX.

Shortly after the recent announcement, the influence of the title has spread quickly. Daniel Fox, a local entrepreneur and indie artist has already taken note of this growth in the past few days. “Independent Art and Columbus Ohio have always had a strong connection”, Fox said. “Our independent spirit extends from crafters to entrepreneurs, from the music scene to theater and beyond. There’s so much going on here just under the radar.”

The Columbus Indie Art Capital vision unifies and promotes all aspects of the Arts in Columbus, Ohio. It emphasizes the spirit and business of art making at all levels and is discipline and media inclusive – dance, film, visual arts and literature, as well as animation, design, music and poetry.

Centered around the first ever Columbus Indie Arts Conference in 2008 this movement exists to affirm Columbus’ status as a hotbed of innovation and ideas. The Columbus Indie Arts Conference hopes to attract a variety of speakers and art makers worldwide, and to celebrate the rich cultural Arts tradition of Columbus.

We envisage this movement as our bridge to the rest of the world to demonstrate our vibrant Arts scene, attract business and economic investment, foster and incubate ideas and innovations, and to contribute to the growth of Columbus.



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