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(the meters with stevie wonder on drums, new orleans jazz & heritage festival, 1973)

writer/professor/dj/cultural-critic-at-large (not necessarily in that order) oliver wang had a great post on soul sides last week about “cissy strut” and the seemingly inexhaustible supply of covers out there.

thinking back, “cissy strut” was certainly the first meters tune i was exposed to, if for no other reason it was the first track on the indispensable funkify your life: the meters anthology 2-disc set a college roommate had who at that point was waaaay cooler than me (one look at that cover and you just knew those guys were good).


so good, in fact, that it didn’t seem unreasonable for us to move to new orleans based on the fact that it was where they were from. seemed unreasonable not to, more like. then again, music’s always been a source of inspiration for me, so maybe that’s neither very odd nor unreasonable.

and, because i’m human and self-involved and often tend to make the assumption that everybody else around me operates the same way i do, it was a curious suprise when i met daniel from skreened last week and found out that he sits in his office pretty much all day not listening to music. go figure. he’s democratizing the t-shirt business with sweat-shop-free labor, though — plus he’s got interns blogging for him, which, frankly, makes me jealous; i just don’t know if we’ll ever be able to co-work together.

read more about co-working here.

listen to more meters covers here.

watch the meters with professor longhair here:


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