peaches & patchouli


back when i was in school, living above bagel & deli, bouncing at top deck, and studying english — yes, bouncing — there was this temptress on campus who always smelled of peaches & patchouli. smucker2.jpg

she was the stuff of poems.

we fell in love at st. alphonzo’s pancake breakfast (an event google will thankfully tell you nothing about); later, we picked up and moved to new orleans—

—uptown. a tri-plex + requisite stoop, the organist edwin miles next door swapping records, streetcar stop #52.

jamo (still wearing peaches & patchouli) took the st. charles line to work everyday at the gris gris house (r.i.p) on bordeaux, the same block as electric ladyland (r.i.p.), where she got tattooed, and le bon temps roule, where kermit ruffins killed it every wednesday night for free.

kermitsmall1.jpgi did time at skippy white’s (r.i.p), in between occasional freelance gigs for superfly, picking up a serious vinyl habit. but also soaking up important life lessons like “how to wear a jaunty feather in your cap” and “never leave home without a pocket square” from uncle lionel, while drinking setups at joe’s (r.i.p).

all of this is, of course, beside the point, which is: the candle lab rocks.


the lab’s got 120+ flavors of soy candles to choose from. but you can also pour your own candles to create (or recreate) your own signature scents — like the peaches & patchouli my wife poured last week, which inspired this whole reverie. plus you can book the shops for after-hours candle-pouring parties (byob); and though i haven’t been in the worthington shop yet after its relocation, the grandview spot is spacious with a comfortable, lounge-y — but uncontrived — vibe. check it out next grandview art hop.

[Update 1/22/09: Come show some love for The Candle Lab after last week’s fire:]


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