we believe in you


who i’m working with currently:

jeni’s; betty’s; surly girl; tip top; element; luck bros; watershed organic; deli in the alley; colonial candy shoppe; ying’s teahouse & yum-yum; boris the tailor; the candle lab; expressly benevolence; wholly craft, royal coffee

who jda was already working with before i started:

lincoln street studio; priority designs; otani; taste of bali; nazareth; north market produce; cafe davinci; shoku; typhoon; johnny oak’s po-boys; french loaf; design central; golden china; ocean seafood & vietnamese cuisine….

who i want to work with next:

rivet; tigertree; sole classics; jinny’s; rowe; skreened; mahan gallery; tasi; rigsby’s; eleni christina; alana’s; what the rock?!; pure imagination chocolatier; pistacia vera; starliner diner; northstar cafe; cafe corner; caffe apropos; banana bean cafe; barcelona; chop chop gallery; black creek bistro; seagull bags; lindsay gallery; young isaac; i love treefort; stauf’s; pink moon; momo²; pretty much the entire north market; the north market; basi italia; mama mimi’s; paul robinette; fibres; substance; studio 35; drexel theatres; fresh; buchanan & associates; gra+d; cafe brioso; pattycake vegan bakery; on paper; fine lines; cafe del mondo; frutta del mondo; lucky 13; new grounds coffee house; maca; peabody papers; omega artisan baking; sparrowfish; q2 bistro; b1 bicycles; octopus incorporated; pretty patti; sweet stella designs; laura alexander; anne holman; flamestitch; locura; umbrella girl productions; creatrix jane; lucky kat; mike reed; everybody at couchfire; craftpaca; pogo; consider biking; local matters; the greener grocer; simply living; the restaurant widow; advergirl; columbus underground; the ohio roller girls; aline yamada; everyone in the columbus crafty cotillion; the snba; brown bag deli, bakery gingham; cd101; orange barrel; carrie rasmussen….

*know somebody who should be on list who’s not? let me know.


3 Responses to “we believe in you”

  1. skreened Says:

    i’m stealing your list.


  2. ryan Says:


    i’m stepping out to practice some long-distance micturition at the ravari room under the guise of eating full-priced pizza. before i do, though, let me express dismay at the fact that we haven’t yet met.

    espresso — or victuals — are on me. let’s get together.

  3. skreened Says:

    good idea, i assume you can find my email. it’s me at my company dot-digity-com. hit me one and we’ll set something up.

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