short ties


it’s tuesday, which means i’ve got a standing lunch date with my mom. if you don’t see us at hunan house, q2 bistro, or yuen’s, you’re not looking hard enough, friend.

today we’re at hunan house and we’re talking work.

“we’ve been selected as one of columbus’ ‘best places to work’ by business first,” i say, in between bites of kung pao, “but we’ve got a long way to go.” i cite young isaac as a local agency (albeit in a different industry) that i admire for its ethics, for making it unmistakable that its work’s about much more than just business, also for recently going ‘green.’ it’s a model worth aspiring to, i think.

“does anybody know what we stand for?”

artie isaac has had tremendous influence upon my work at jda. from his list of promises, to his consistently interesting blog, to this classic advert, to this recent post on the perfect client — great clients do inspire great service!

and i bet he never looks less than resplendent in that bow tie.

but we’ve never met.

five minutes after this conversation, i glance around the room. who’s sitting three tables away, having lunch? artie isaac. at least i think it’s artie; his back’s mostly to me, so it’s hard to tell. but his hair looks right, he’s got frames on. but i can’t… quite… see… that sartorial signature….

so i excuse myself from our table and fake like i’m getting a mint. it’s artie — unmistakably so. i say hello and introduce myself, begging his pardon for the intrusion. great guy, fun to talk to, equally impressive in person as in print. ready to talk s’more tomorrow.



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